Pierre De Bruyn has been working behind the stove at La Sucrerie for more than 17 years. In recent years he has risen through the ranks to oversee the kitchen of this delightfully atypical restaurant in Walloon Brabant. Promoted to head chef of La Sucrerie in 2018, he works with a dynamic team to create classic French-Belgian dishes that combine refinement and finesse. Flawless creativity and an adventurous spirit that sees him get off the beaten culinary track set him apart, allowing him to brilliantly reimagine traditional cuisine with local and seasonal products.

Pierre De Bruyn, a virtuoso at the helm of La Sucrerie


Pierre De Bruyn and his career in French cuisine

After graduating from the Institut Sainte-Anne in Gosselies, Pierre De Bruyn joined the kitchens of La Sucrerie as a part-time member of staff. Today, as the head of this deliciously atypical restaurant, he cultivates creative freedom. He combines rigour in the kitchen with leadership and communication to guarantee an exceptional experience for guests.



A restaurant with French cuisine and a resolutely gourmet feel

Pierre De Bruyn serves generous French cuisine prepared with local products and incredible experience. On the menu you’ll find specialities that focus more on the product than on extravagance, with bistro classics such as sole, entrecôte, fondue and American minute taking centre stage.

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